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< 色彩規劃為:黑色、金色、銀色 ,以及六角形視覺>

Employer Design Needs:Color planning (gold, silver, black) & Hexagonal vision

動畫設計規劃及指導Animation Design


隨意轉出V刷、H刷及鏡子。酷炫的產品展示動畫,可以瞬間吸引年輕人的目光,搭配社群媒體行銷,可以在食指滑動之間為之一亮,讓消費者願意分享及深入了解產品細節 。


Turn out the V brush, H brush and mirror at will. The cool product display animation can instantly attract the attention of young people. With social media marketing, it can be brightened between the sliding of the index finger, allowing consumers to share and in-depth understanding of product details.


Product use steps


DM Visual Design



DM Visual Design:Makes good use of the publicity design of trapezoidal appearance, before the product publicity is opened, the publicity visual will let people notice the products H and V brushes at the first time, which will greatly increase consumers’ interest in reading the text.

文宣視覺設計 DM Visual Design





I will look emphasize the most beautiful angle of the product, and make the main vision of the slogan.

文宣品視覺設計 DM Visual Design


The content vision is the line visual expression of H and V. Because the slogans are mainly designed for dentists, in the profession, the vision is not sloppy, the physical teeth are linearized and the use of the company’s products is highlighted. You can see professional dental knowledge and distinctive visual design at a glance.

文宣品視覺設計 DM Visual Design


Catalog Visual Design

運用線條設計出打勾的視覺圖案,挪用NIKE的Logo外型及標語< Just do it >,打著<Just Try it>吸引年輕族群的目光及提高使用產品意願。

Using lines to design ticked visual patterns, embedding NIKE’s Logo shape and slogan <Just do it>, playing <Just Try it> to attract the attention of young people and increase their willingness to use products.

目錄主視覺設計 Catalog Visual Design
目錄內容設計編排 Catalog Visual Design


Following the lines of H and V add ticked elements to make the whole vision more stable.